With chariots and food trucks, Florencio Varela’s historic Carnival festivities return

The celebration starts this Tuesday at 5:30 PM. Between the 19th and 22nd will be the parades.

With the meeting of the comparasas and samba schools, this Tuesday, February 21, the historic Carnival festivities return to Florencio Varela.

The meeting will be organized by the Municipality of Florencio Varela with free admission From 5:30 p.m. in Thevenet recreational, sports and cultural park, Located at Alfonsina Storni Street and Beata Claudina Thevenet, and The murga parades will begin at 7:00 p.m.

will work Los Placeros del Santo, La Batu Percussion, Gres Puca Berá, and Gres La Majestuosa. There will also be a food court with food trucks.

Gres La Majestuosa, by Florencio Varela, at the Carnivals.

“After working for a long time, sometimes alone, this time we met with Daniel Mattia from Gres La Majestuosa, with Natalia Miranda from Los Placeros del Santo, a very nice Morga who has been working for many years in Varela, and with the boys from La Pato” Gabriella Penny Member of the Boca Beira band in an interview given by María Elena Caceres for the programme NotiRadioFV From Florencio Varela’s Municipal Radio, where he fully expressed himself “e-mo-cio-noda to take back the carnivals in Florencio Varela!”

Puca Berá is one of the groups that promoted the return of carnivals to the municipality South Kunurbanu. “We formed a group of people active in the carnivals in different situations and different places in the province of Buenos Aires, and this time the decision was made together to bring Varela’s carnivals back to the fore,” Beni explained.

He explained: “We met with Mauricio Rodriguez from the Ministry of Culture, and with the Director of Culture, Gustavo Genoa, and we asked the management of Andres Watson to be able to do this.”

Pumpkin Pato at Florencio Varela's Carnivals.

Pumpkin Pato at Florencio Varela’s Carnivals.

Initially, according to Benny, the idea was to spend two nights at the carnival. Finally it was decided to make one. “But hey, this is the beginning. We are very happy that we have achieved a union that respects and restores Carnival in Florencio Varela,” he said.

Besides the carnival traditions, a member of Puca Berá made a request regarding the use of the carnival Artificial snow sprays. “We ask for care and respect regarding the issue of snow,” he said. Suits and feathers are wealth, you cannot shop from day to day because quality feathers do not arrive also because of what is happening not only in Argentina but all over the world. Stones cause everything costs a lot. So we have to try to take care of what we have.”

“I can’t explain to you what it’s like to have managed to put together a group of people with the same ideal, the same desire for Carnival to return,” Gabriella said excitedly.

The murga Los Placeros del Santo by Florencio Varela.

The murga Los Placeros del Santo by Florencio Varela.

Regarding the presentation that Boca Bera will make at the Comparsas Parade, he said he would relate “The Birth of the Phoenix” But it is associated with the falcon, the bird that defines Florencio Varela.

“What distinguishes us from Varela is Varela Falcon,” he explained. So we took the proposal to make the falcon how it floats on the surface, how it is born, and how it transforms through religion and mysticism. And on this occasion the phoenix passes gold at birth, passes through the whites of purity, the bright blue, and passes through all colors until it reaches red when it catches fire and reappears.

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