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Ensenada, Baja California. – Remember the bad moments suffered by millions of people in the world as a result of the pandemic caused by “COVID-19”, burned in the celebrations of the 2023 Ensenada Carnival “Date and Joy” symbol in a bad mood

In the presence of the adult royal court, presided over by Queen Ivana Arredondo Adam and the ugly king Sergio Gutierrez Verdugo, the hated, hooded jackal arrived on stage and after a few dance steps, recited the will.

Then, to the beat of the Sinaloan band, they set fire to huge piƱata in green and purple hues to represent SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19), which, although “resistant”, eventually caught fire until it was consumed to ashes.

*Ensenada Carnival Reign*

Happy, wise and good people
How accustomed and quiet
Enjoy your bay
Stinky, dirty and cold.
To you, dear people,
Today that carnival presses,
I want to leave you an inheritance
of COVID and its pandemic.

noble town of surfers,
that play in their bay
World Cup competitions
In dirty and cold water.
good and perfect people,
that you don’t beat around the bush,
And you want to think
In videos taken arming
Be united here
It’s the cause of the hullabaloo
I will inform you
the desire of my soul

before i start
to read my will,
I want to remember a little
our saddest torment,
more than 2 years,
Many things happened
some knew,
I tell you others here:
It turned out to be a good day.
Everyone was afraid
Well, suddenly he came
fatal disease,
called corona virus,
Nobody can escape.

They say it came from China.
With hot de batman.
here, there, and every where,
People went crazy
they ran through the markets,
I’m looking for toilet paper
Lysol and face masks.

this terrible epidemic,
They kept us locked up
With children and wives.
From Netflix, why am I telling you,
from Whatsapp, Facebook and TikTok,
We all became prisoners.

for fear of injury,
no one will suck anymore;
In canteens, the most clingy customers,
They no longer want to be tracked.
The virus isolated us.
And (Gatel) did not give one,
But we are already done
Thanks to the vaccine
We have already been vaccinated.

And in case you don’t remember,
I remind you again, ahem, ahem:
in the electoral thing
The overall winner was Marina del Pilar,
Who gave Lupita “Younes” and Hank a roll.
And don’t make her tired
Morena won again
Compass San Quentin,
Fucked but happy
celebrate four winds,
It is a municipality after all.
And San Felipe too,
The municipality was established shortly,
Although they do not have money
Not even a toast with beer.

Before I go, something needs refreshment, nobility and betrayal, I find out that the Novelos, abused since they were children, want to return, when they left us a city in ruins from which it took labors to raise the present government.

Anyway, enough of this gossip,
of so many sad memories,
To what I brought you chencha,
Today I came to test:
To Dear Ensenada,
I will give you joy
no more drawn faces,
There is no reason to cry.

After two sad years,
Bad mood must go
I leave you 6 whole days,
so they can have fun.

I inherited the bureaucracy
Long and beautiful bridge
In Arroyo del Gallo
And along death.

To all blessed people,
until the esophagus is refreshed,
I’ll leave you the lemonade
with water from Sisbee
COVID will burn today,
He made us suffer so much
I want to see him go
To be able to have fun.

tequila, beer and wine,
Everywhere you will find it
who does not come in inheritance,
you will buy that;
But if you take too much
It is my duty to warn you,
How will you end up drunk?
Beware of the breathalyzer,
He likes drum very much.
I am leaving, holy people,
I leave the carnival to you
With my bad nerve to fly,
And if you don’t like it,
Whoever enters I give them back.

And now let’s finish,
I want to invite everyone
Come with me again here
To be able to testify
Bad mood.
covid will die today,
and the joy of ensenada,
Will come back again.
Kill the bad mood!
Long live the carnival!

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