UEFA Champions League: Noisy attack at Real Madrid’s break in Liverpool: Fireworks at dawn next to their hotel

theLiverpool woke up Two in the morning with some loud fireworks It was not scheduled.

A resident of the English city said on Twitter: “It better not be some stupid Liverpool fan trying to wake up the Real Madrid fans in the city.”

Twitter user Danger_Lent91 (@DLent91) responded by sharing stunning and screeching photos of the fireworks. Close to Hotel Inside is where Real Madrid is concentrated to play against him Liverpool match The first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

It appears that the Liverpool fans are already playing their own game in an effort to annoy the rest of Real Madrid’s players.

1019: Four arrested at the Real Madrid Hotel in Amsterdam for setting off fireworks

Al Real Madrid ya Something similar happened to him in 2019 in Amsterdam.

Ultras Ajax do not let Real Madrid sleep: fireworks at 3 am!

Dutch police have arrested four Ajax super fans for throwing firecrackers and fireworks into a Madrid hotel to disturb white players the night before the Champions League match between whites and Dutch.

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