TV Bomb | Reason for Fran Rivera’s sudden dismissal from Espejo Publico: “He didn’t like high places at all and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back”

Former collaborator of “Espejo Publico” Fran Rivera will accompany Ogony y Adriana Abenia In the fourth program ofall against 1′Presented by Rodrigo Vazquez and Raul GomezAnd Which continues its live broadcast on Tuesdays with new challenges.

Rivera was a regular on Antena 3’s morning show, but what was the reason for his high-profile departure at the end of last summer’s summer?

According to Semana magazine, “For a long time they wanted to do without him. They considered that he had not contributed much to the program for a long time, but not everyone agreed. There was strong opposition to getting rid of him, so the bullfighter remained on the air … But his presence on Toñi Moreno’s program at the beginning of the summer served as a pretext for a firm decision.” It broke the camel’s back.”

Now, extorero will participate in the new TVE space. In ‘Todos contra 1’, the contestants selected through the casting process on will have to show intuition, daring and quick thinking to solve the questions that arise. How many helium balloons are needed to blow up the sofa? How long can a diver hold his breath in a shark tank? How fast would a convoy crash into the ground from a height of seven stories? The correct answer is not found in books or on the Internet, so there is only one way to find it: do it Great outdoor and on-set experiences.

Each program will consist of ten rounds. The contestant’s bet will be measured by the average of bets in the whole of Spain, and the one closest to a solution will win each of the first nine rounds and collect money. However, it will be the tenth and final round that will decide who wins the entire prize pool. Will the participant win the pool or will it be a randomly selected spectator from among all those who played through the app?

Before the final round, the contestant may use Two jokes This will help you estimate your calculations, but the final answer will always be yours: Joker interrupt you, which will indicate the most popular answer among the residents of your county who participated through the application; and the wildcard call, so that you can summon the wisest person in your environment. In addition, he will be accompanied by a group of famous characters who will also play an important role in the development of the game.

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