They boo a boy wearing a Real Madrid shirt and a surprising comment from the narrator (video) – Fox Sports

during the break from King’s Cup final basketball, several children (wearing a rival team jersey) performed a basic acrobatic show, in the fencing between CB Canarias and Unicaja (80-83).

When dating a toddler Madrid shirtwho slid to the top of a human tower, the stands assigned to A Loud booingwho led a collaborator “Hanging from the Hoop” by Pablo Lolaso to respond with a harsh reflex.

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“What’s going on? What are they whistling for? What’s the poor thing going to do? Excuse me, are you telling me that there’s a kid from every team and that when they said Real Madrid, they booed him?” This is your go-to shit, man. It’s really good, is that they are children who are there. Is that this kid is five or six years old, and his parents are here watching. Enough of that hatred, that intolerance towards Madrid. It’s a five-year-old boy climbing a tower. Yeah, man, they hate everything. Now she is fine. It just doesn’t make any sense (…) and to insult me, stop booing a five-year-old boy. It’s all right, we’re into basketball, we’re not ultras football, damn it. You and those who scorn children make themselves a laughing stock.”

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