They are investigating supermarkets in Portugal for not applying promotions

scores of supermarkets to Portugal They are being Investigation Not to apply cashier promotions. Specifically, 4.3% of this country’s retail operators inspected by the Portuguese Food Safety Authority (ASAE, in its Portuguese acronym) charge a price higher than the price indicated on shelf labels at checkout. 37 investigations into the speculation have already been launched, it reports Voice of Galicia.

The investigation began last September because of the price hike and in December the inspectors had already warned about it bad habits which take place, above all, in the medium-sized roofs located in the urban areas of Porto and Lisbon. Even at the beginning of 2023, some retailers continue to charge prices higher than those listed on the labels.

In total, the inspectors visited 256 supermarkets. In most cases where this practice has been caught, these are promotions that are advertised on posters, but not appreciated when payment is made, which is difficult for the customer to detect. In some cases, a The difference is in the amount can reach 50%which translates into significant benefits if the deception is concentrated in the products with the greatest demand.

38 open operations

In this year so far They were opened 11 operationswhich is in addition to the 27 that started last year, after analyzing 527 retail surfaces.

For their part, retailers defend themselves and assert that behind all this there is no malicious intent, but rather a technical problem due to “computer errors” Or to the confusion caused by a large number of products with promotion.

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