The Spanish parliament refuses to codify it

Madrid (EFE) – comprehensive legalization of hempwhether for therapeutic or recreational use, was rejected this Tuesday in the Spanish parliament.

The PSOE, part of Spain’s coalition government with the left-wing United We Can formation, was one of those who voted against it, along with part of the right-wing opposition.

His partner in the executive power supported the initiative along with other left-wing forces or formations such as the Ciudadanos Liberals, in their votes in Congress or the lower house of the Spanish Parliament.

proposal for Cannabis regulation It was introduced by the Catalan Independence Party, Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña, with the aim of reducing its consumption, increasing its control and ending the mafias that trade in this substance, because marijuana smuggling is the third criminal activity in Spain after cannabis and cocaine.

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cannabis use

In addition to ending legal uncertainty for cannabis associations, taxing associated activities and reducing the underground economy.

For their part, the Socialists have distinguished cannabis for medicinal purposes from recreational use and have argued that only 33 percent of the Spanish population supports blanket regulation, compared to 73 percent who are on the verge of tougher penalties.

The Spanish Congress had already rejected a similar initiative a year and a half ago, then from the leftist formation of Mas País.

Instead, last year he took a first step towards it Legalization of medicinal use For certain diseases such as cancer, by prescription and for sale in pharmacies only, although the regulations for it have not yet been implemented.

Legislation for cannabis in Spain varies in different regions, but in general its cultivation is basically permitted Uses industrial Under certain circumstances, possession of it is only legal for personal consumption and in small quantities, but not in public, and trafficking in this substance is punishable by fines and imprisonment.

Both the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana is being decriminalized to varying degrees in different countries, especially in America and Europe.


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