The last mile sustainable delivery from Heineken Spain arrives in Bilbao

Heineken Spain It continues to take steps in its sustainability agenda to achieve its ambition to reduce 30% of emissions at all stages of its value chain by 2025 and achieving carbon neutrality across its chain by 2040.

So, under your roadmap”firmly greenThe brewery is working to reduce its emissions From field to barand doubling down on its distribution efforts, the final link in the beer’s journey to the hospitality industry and consumer.

A bet made by the company to establish itself as the first Spanish brewery to own a file A sustainable net zero emissions last mile delivery systemDeceive electric carand it will now roll through the streets Bilbao Old Town with pilot.

For this, the company has come to an agreement with City Hall and your distribution partner Youscodisthanks to which this will be displayed A sustainable logistics project in the hotel industry in the center of Bilbao. the total, More than 200 hotel outlets This way you will benefit from this leading distribution that Heineken expects Preventing emissions into the atmosphere 1650 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year in the city.

the Mobility and Sustainability Consultant, Nora AbeteHe emphasized that “Our goal is that before logistics and distribution become such an intractable problem as it seems to be on the horizon in many large cities, we have set out to facilitate and improve our loading and unloading operations, and to do so in a sustainable way as is the case.”

for his part, Pablo Mazo, Director of Corporate Relations at Heineken Spainhe explains: We actively collaborate to make our cities more sustainable. We have become a leader in end-to-end delivery for the hotel sector with our net zero emissions logistics project. We are reaching more and more urban centers, thus helping to take care of the planet and our environment, as well as helping our customers to be more sustainable. Our ambition is to make the beer journey a more sustainable and net zero emissions journey, from field to field. ”

In this way, Heineken Spain seeks to support and converge public institutions and the Horeca channel in distribution, to create less impact in cities thanks to the characteristics of this distribution model designed by Andalusian Scoobic.

Thanks to its smaller dimensions and weight, the vehicles can cruise through the old town of any city Integration into the environment and respect for neighbors and touristsIn addition to Traffic jamAnd Reducing visual and sound pollution and paying attention to cultural heritage.

A milestone with which the brewery has been able to materialize its expansion into more Spanish cities after successfully implementing it in Seville and Malaga and executing other pilots in cities like Madrid, or locations in Catalonia like Sitges or PortAventura, among others. And Heineken wants the flight from field to strip to be completely CO2-neutral, and to achieve carbon neutrality in 2040.

But this path does not end here. Since 2010, as part of its commitment to reduce its emissions across its value chain, it has already managed, together with its distributors, to reduce CO2 from distribution by 19.5%, and since then, it has continued its commitment to sustainable logistics. Similarly, the company helps its customers, especially hoteliers, to be more sustainable by installing more than 238,000 environmentally friendly refrigerants, with significant economic savings and a 52% reduction in emissions.

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