The European representatives of “The Food Club” enjoyed the gastronomy and culture of Soto del Real during their visit

Soto del Real is part of the project “The Food Club” funded by the European Union, in which representatives of municipalities from Italy, France, the Czech Republic and Romania make trips with the aim of promoting cultural exchange through gastronomy, and on February 15 they arrived in Soto del Real, coinciding with the start of the ” Tapas in Soto 2023

From the city council of Soto del Real, in collaboration with the Bridge Building Association, it was considered that there was no better opportunity to organize the trip to the Spanish municipality than during the beginning of Tabiando. In addition, agreements were reached with local hoteliers regarding accommodation and meals for European visitors.

The organizers of the event, from both the Building Bridges Association and the City Council, are very satisfied that the main objectives of the project have been met, such as cross-cultural exchange and learning, promotion of sustainability through the way of eating and promotion of local product and consumption, without losing sight of the relations between citizens and the encounter between political representatives. For different European cities to exchange experiences and study potential projects in the future. For the City Council of Soto del Real, it was a matter of pride that these European representatives had visited the municipality and got to know firsthand what our gastronomy is like.

How were these days for the European representatives in Soto del Real?

Thursday, Feb 16thThey started the day with a great one breakfast at “La Piccola”, Then they made a file Visit the Pedro de Lorenzo Cultural Centerwhere the official presentation was made. In this presentation, the International Affairs Department gave a presentation on Soto del Real that emphasized projects and activities related to the objectives of the visit. Also, it was shown What is life like in Soto del Real? Through a video made by students of the IES Sierra de Guadarrama, provided by the teachers who run the Erasmus program for this learning centre. Later, Lawrence Sudlo, accompanied by Rocío Tapias, representatives of the Chozas de la Sierra Cultural Association and the Friends of the Earth Community of Madrid, led an exhibition and gave a presentation on leftovers. To finish this visit to the Cultural Center they went to the Municipal Library where Juan Sobrino explained the interesting projects being implemented.

Later they attended Presentation of “Tapas for Soto 2023”, where Mayor Noelia Parrado officially welcomed them. At the presentation, they were able to taste each of the aperitifs offered by the participating bars and restaurants, accompanied by wine, beer and water. It was the first contact with the hoteliers in the commune and with the gastronomy they offer.

Later, they go accompanied by Lawrence visit urban parkThanks to the El Mediado Association, where they were able to learn how to manage it, how to carry out the composting process and have practical experiences such as removing potatoes from a plot. In addition, Paco Mateu and Ángeles González (Nines) prepared the food, great paella and delicious broth, all made with vegetables.

In the afternoon, after a rest period, there was a meeting between the mayors and representatives of the municipalities in wine stockWhere they shared their forms of management in the field of environmental sustainability, support for local trade and local products, and presented proposals for future projects such as twinning between municipalities.

To end a very intense, productive and enjoyable day, prof Dinner at El Marqués Between European representatives and the municipality’s neighbors of different nationalities from the participating countries. It was such a surprise that the city council wanted to give it to visitors and when they found out just before dinner, we were able to have an emotional, hopeful moment.

The next day, Friday February 17, They began to gain strength with great Breakfast in the “Heart of Chalk” Then go to Visit the Suerte Ampanera ecological farm, where they learned, among other things, about the local fauna and flora, the life of goats, how cheese is produced and how the farm is run in a completely sustainable way. After that, they were able to visit Sotofresnos livestock de Soto del Real and meet the amazing cattle of the Blonde de Aquitaine breed. Thanks to Eduardo de Francisco they learned a lot about cows, our environment and livestock management.

At 2:00 pm they can enjoy the Gastronomic event “Tapeando por Soto” In participating bars and restaurants in the municipality and be able to see and enjoy how the event is lived in first person. Then they gave a file Walk along the green belt And they went to Visit the hermitage And watch the sunset in this beautiful place.

as a final climax, They went to dinner at La Cabana Restaurant de Soto, the only one in the region that is in the Michelin Guide, where they try dishes made with local produce and high-level gastronomy.

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