Survivor is not technically possible on last generation consoles

that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor It appears exclusively for new consoles and PCs, and has mainly technical reasons. The game can no longer be played on PS4 and Xbox One.

This is what game director Stig Asmussen says in the new issue of PLAY magazine, and then the time has come when you decide to let go of the previous generation. Faster processors, faster and larger memory and the technologies behind them are mentioned in detail.

This enables features like ray tracing, large game worlds, real-time lighting, etc., all things that would not be possible on PS4 and Xbox.

notice: The PS5 version will not feature ray tracing effects because it would have been too much effort in conjunction with Unreal Engine 4.

A true next-generation experience

Take advantage of these technical advantages Star Wars Jedi Survivor Especially in terms of content, in order to offer the next generation an authentic experience, according to Asmussen.

“Bottom line, we quickly learned that we can take advantage of faster processors, more/faster memory, better load times, etc. to create much larger maps with more detail, greater density, wider enemy/NPC variety, and generally to create more detail.” Asmussen says. “This new generation has enabled us to do that, and I think it translates into a real experience for the new generation in the Star Wars universe.”

PLAY Magazine 03/23

This PS5 experience is complemented by exclusive features like the DualSense Controller, including “interestingTactile features, use of adaptive stimuli, etc.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor It will be released in April 2023 after the last delay.

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