Stadtentwasserung Lingen is in good shape both technically and organizationally – what’s going on

Lingen (evening). Lingen municipal sewerage is approved by the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste Management e.g. V. (DWA) with the Quality Seal of the Technical Safety Administration (TSM) in Wastewater Division. Operations Director Hans-Martin Gall, Technical Directors Lorenz Hoyer and Yvonne Zeck and TSM Directors Arn Jacobs and Bert Goldschauer together agreed to testify from Ralf Helmer, Managing Director of the DWA Regional North, in Lingen on Thursday.

TSM’s confirmation certifies that the municipal sewage system has safe and reliable wastewater disposal in accordance with legal and technical regulations. To do this, the company had to undergo a two-day voluntary review in September 2022.

The technical competence of the staff and the organizational structures of the company were examined. DWA experts also checked the technical condition of the systems, fault management and compliance with safety regulations. About 230 questions had to be answered about the organization of technical and operational processes, equipment, qualifications of technical personnel and systems planning, operation and maintenance. The sewage treatment plant was also inspected.

Lingen municipal sanitation encountered inspection for the first time. Currently, about 130 companies have been awarded the DWA-approved TSM logo in their wastewater division.

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