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Shame He shared a recent preview of his new album, titled Worm foodBy releasing the single Adderall. The album will be released on February 24 via Dead Oceans. Additionally, the song features a hidden cameo by the artist. Phoebe Bridgersas revealed by the band in a recent interview with NME.

What do we know about the disc?

Worm food It will be the artist’s third studio album Shame It will be released on February 24 via Dead Ocean Records. The album is preceded by singles steel toes y Division of the abdominal muscles.

What do we know about the bachelor?

Adderall It is the third single released by Shame before release Worm food. According to Steen, the song is “an observation of someone who is dependent on prescription medication. These pills change their mental and physical state and they change their behaviour, it’s about how that affects them and those around them.”

Other relevant information?

In addition to the release of his new album, Shame He’ll embark on a grand tour of the UK and Europe later this month, with stops in Madrid (Nazca) and Barcelona (La 2 de Apollo) on March 19th and 20th.

Disc track list

The “Food for Worms” track list is as follows:

  1. steel toes
  2. Division of the abdominal muscles
  3. Yankees
  4. Alibis
  5. Adderall
  6. Orchid flower
  7. Paul fall
  8. Burn by design
  9. different person
  10. All people

about shame

Shame is an English post-punk band from South London, consisting of five school friends: Charlie Steen (vocals), Charlie Forbes (drums), Sean Coyle-Smith (guitar), Eddie Green (guitar) and Josh Finnerty. (low) ). The band was known for its energetic and passionate performances, as well as its critical and political lyrics. his first album, praise songs, was published in 2018 to critical acclaim. his second album, Pink drunk tank, came out in 2021 and showed an evolution in sound and theme. his third album, Worm foodexpected in February 2023.

Disgrace discography

Shame’s discography consists of three studio albums, EPs and several singles. These are the titles and release dates of their works:

  • The Lick/Gold Hole (Ibb, 2016)
  • Songs of Praise (album, 2018)
  • Drunk Pink Tank (album, 2021)
  • Fingers of Steel / Six Pack (EP, 2022)
  • Food for Worms (album, 2023)

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