Sad news for gourmets: a famous delicacy in Nuremberg has closed

– Feinkost Langer is famous outside of Nuremberg for its products – especially cheese. It is now certain that the shop will close in a few months.

The little shop in Mögeldorfer Kirchenberg’s Franconian sandstone house has suffered for a long time. It was founded by Paula Freiberger, who passed it on to her brother Hans Meyer and his wife Annie in 1952. Ulrike Langer has run the shop for years.

In Langer’s view, there are five factors that have allowed her small business to survive for so long: no rental costs – the land and house are family property, the high quality and exclusivity of the offer, good service and the individual touch.

Almost lost and moldy: can you really still eat it, some customers asked themselves when they saw some cheese samples. You can, Ulrike Langer confirmed – and after the first bite at the latest, customers are convinced.

© Roland Fengler

In fact, customers in the store feel as if they have landed in the middle of a grab bag. Here you will find what gourmets want: homemade jams, pesti, antipasti, unusual chocolates, biscuits and other sweets right down to Italian pasta (pasta), wines, vinegars, oils and many other dishes, mostly from the region.

As of July 1st, the bell on the shop door no longer rings. In the background article on, read the reason given by the owner for the move.

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