Real Madrid: Modric: “I want to continue because I deserve it, not because they gave it to me”

Luke Modric He appeared in the preview to duel vs LiverpoolRound of 16 first leg Champions. Questions about his future occupied most of the Croat’s appearance.

Personal preparation

As usual, watching the other team’s videos, but we know all the players because we’ve played a lot against them, who they are in your area and what they can and can’t do. I set them up more or less as always, don’t worry.

The challenge of matching Gento

That would be great, but we didn’t discuss it among ourselves. We didn’t think about it, we play game after game, as always, like last year, and hopefully we can repeat it. We are ready for whatever lies ahead until the end of the season and to see if we can win it again.

Six goals in the season

There’s no betting with the master, I’ve been able to improve on him if he scores the missed penalty, and I’ve wasted some clear chances. I’m happy with my position near the box or as always, not much has changed.

Leave the national team to Madrid?

After the World Cup, my plan is to continue until the Nations League, and then I didn’t think about it. I haven’t decided yet. Let’s see, but I want to finish the nations, and then we’ll see. You have to think about it well. Madrid never asked me for anything, that I quit the national team, that’s not Madrid’s style, to give an ultimatum, because my time in Croatia didn’t affect my performance in Madrid, in any way. You talk a lot about my age, but I think I’ve shown I can play at both. But I repeat I want to think about it.

Generational Relief

Young people are doing well, they have a great future ahead of them, and what they do here will depend on them. They have to work and learn, but they are not in Madrid by chance, the club invested in them for a reason. They are doing a really good job and will do even better. Bellingham? It is a separate case, and has nothing to do with it.

Madrid transmission

I don’t bother talking about moving because I know the demand is maximum, and things are always said on the outside. What I don’t understand is that there is not much memory, but I miss the word. Before the World Cup, Tony and I played together and did really well. And now it seems we can’t. We played together for a long time and lost but also won a lot. It doesn’t bother me, you have to keep doing it right.


I will do everything I can to do my best and deserve to continue here. I can’t do more. I’ve always had a very good relationship with the club and that won’t change. It’s like last year, no rush, we’re in the middle of the season and there are many challenges ahead, I’m focused on that, on getting back to my best level and then let’s see what happens.

her future

I haven’t spoken to the club about a renewal, just like last year at this point. I am so calm. These questions are rather boring because I always say the same thing, that I feel good and I want to continue at Real Madrid. I have to talk to the club, but I want to continue and I deserve to continue, not be given to me. They never gave me anything. I want to continue but for merit, not for my story or what I did. Nothing can change my relationship with Madrid, it is the club of my life and no one can break this.

your moment

I’m getting better after the World Cup. I was wrong to start playing right away instead of doing a specific program, but when the master asks if you can play, you always say yes. Now I’m back in shape, and hopefully I can continue like this until the end of the season

An important moment

An important and difficult match awaits us against a great opponent, in a historic stadium and with huge fans. We have to play a great game to get a good result in the second leg at home. You have to perform at the highest level and be together as a team and help each other.

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