Projects that extend the shelf life of food

the Waste reduction It’s a food challenge. Try to lengthen the time during which the food is suitable for consumption, and thus, Extending its useful lifeThis reduces the need for disposal due to expiration or poor condition.


Thus, there are some businesses that are being developed in this line. The first one is allowed Extending the shelf life of oranges from 40 to 50 days and for lemon, 60 to 70 daysIn addition to reducing waste from industrial processing of fruits by up to 80%. As reported by Expansión, the Aimplas Technological Institute he is one The project is called BiOrangePackwhich produces a bioactive coating based on the pulp residue, derived from turning oranges, which reduces fungal putrefaction.

As for fresh vegetables from fluoriteexplain it within their project FreshI just opened a business line that wants to try a file Active packaging absorbs moisture from packaged foodsIn order to extend the useful life of the product. For this purpose, microbiological and quality analyzes of the final product will be carried out.

the group food Which, among other products, supplies salads MercadonaThey are working on finding different types of vegetables with a longer shelf life. As an example they cite b iceberg lettuce For the IV group, the crop with which they run a series of tests. “In order to increase the useful life after harvest, they are working with a seed company that has developed a variety that offers greater resistance to oxidation, which is a determining factor in the useful life of our fresh produce,” they point out from Expansión.

Another test is to introduce a new variety of radish seeds. Therefore, it was already possible to verify that the new species behave better in the field, where fewer physiological changes (for example, crushing damage) are produced.

Many jobs use their own serum Cheese protection. There is a European project called Go to Orleanswhich is engaged in the development of small Spanish cheese factories Antimicrobial coatings that are integrated into containers allow Extending the useful life of cheese between 25% and 50%. In addition, new probiotic ingredients will be incorporated into Fodder to be fed to livestock To protect the digestive system and contribute to the welfare of the animal.

Also in cheese, startup Natural cheeseborn at the University of Valencia, is developing a film made from whey that extends the useful life of cheese slices.


within the European project Refucoatin which both Aimplas and the Technological Institute participate in kindActive packaging was developed so that companies could apply it to their products. Irish Manor farm It uses it with phages so that it is Chicken meat last longer. also Dhaka It is involved in innovations against oxidation and development of recyclable packaging for cereals and snacks.

And finally, the project GuacPackIn Alicante, ITC Packaging has created a new avocado packaging system, biodegradable and from renewable sources that also It is expected to extend the shelf life of food by 15%. Checks Thanks to the label that has an oxygen barrier function that prevents oxidation and through fusion Natural antioxidant extracted from the avocado itself Which allows to reduce the use of artificial preservatives.

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