Primaprix is ​​looking for employees for seven new stores in Spain

series Primaprix supermarkets It will open seven new establishments in Spain that will be located in Arasati / Mondragon (Guipuzcoa), Sant Celoni (Barcelona), Madrid, Zaragoza, Palafrugell (Girona), Alcobendas (Community of Madrid) and Donostia-San Sebastian. For this reason, the company has opened selection processes to recruit the workforce.

The positions to be filled are: Cashiers, replenishment and supermarket managers. The portal “” collects the requirements to access these vacancies. Among them, it is essential that you have a willingness to work morning and evening shifts on a Monday to Saturday working day.

Specifically, to be in charge of a supermarket it is necessary to have a file High level vocational training And over three years of supermarket experience as a cashier/restocker and two years as a store manager. In addition to having business skills, knowledge of billing, personnel management, inventory control and inventory management.

This position is to be filled for stores in Arrasate / Mondragón, Alcobendas and Donostia-San Sebastián. he The basic salary is 18,909.61 euros per year.

To be a cashier or stock clerk, you must have at least a qualification from Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and two years experience in supermarkets. Also knowledge of billing at the cashier / points of sale and good treatment of the public. This vacancy is available to fill in facilities in Sant’Ciloni, Madrid, Zaragoza and Palafrugell. As for salary, that it Total €16,782.27 per year. In all cases it is provided Indefinite contract.

Primaprix is ​​a company whose business model guarantees prices below market prices thanks to superstocks products.

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