Premium Smoked Salmon is Flavor of the Year

Martiko, which specializes in the production of products derived from duck and smoked products, has been awarded the Excellence Award for the third year in a row Flavor of the year 2023With his collection of fine smoked salmon.

  • The company’s premium smoked products have been recognized as “Flavor of the Year 2023” by having the highest score in “Blind tastingfrom about 80 consumers.

For this award, they rated smoked salmon qualities such as:

  • flavor
  • Face
  • Smell
  • texture
  • Overall satisfaction with the product

At Martiko, we are very proud to have received this recognition, for the third year in a row, from the most demanding jury, consumer. An affirmation of the quality and flavor of our premium smoked products,” the company said in a statement.

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High quality smoked norwegian salmon

Domain Smoked salmon The Norwegian installment is characterized by:

  • Use of selected fresh raw materials
  • sangacho absence
  • Manual selection of slides
  • Smoked with beech wood that preserves all of its flavour

The statement highlights “a scope that encapsulates all of our history and traditions and the good work of the entire team that is part of its development and production.”

The “flavor of the year” seal is a reference to those products that have been selected by a panel of consumers, who conduct a taste test without indicating the brand in Sensory analysis laboratories. Giving a score or evaluation to the different characteristics of the products.

Due to the rigor and impartiality of the methodology used, this recognition has positioned itself as a reference bait quality Leader and most valuable.

In a way that enables it to achieve and enhance the confidence of consumers, manufacturers, professionals and distributors in the food sector.

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