Popeyes opened its first restaurant in Toledo County

Restoration series Popeyes continues its expansion Castilla-La Mancha Opening its first restaurant in the province Toledo. Since it arrived in our country at the end of 2019, the brand It already has 84 institutions Opened all over the Spanish geography.

This growth rate was made possible by the good reception of the already conquered range of products to more than 6 million people And now the people of Toledo can enjoy it.

This new restaurant is located in Abadia Commercial ParkAnd It is the seventh establishment opened in this independent community, representing an investment of more than one million euros. In this way, in line with its commitment to expand in this region, the restaurant chain New establishments are expected to open in 2023 In the community where it has already invested 8.4 million euros and employs for more than 200 people.

“Our origins are in Louisiana, and today we celebrate the opportunity to bring to Toledo the flavor of Cajun that is so distinctive to this part of the United States. It may seem that these two regions have nothing to do with each other, but the truth is that they share a gastronomy in which multiculturalism has played a major role. In Popeyes We are proud of our origins and impatient to bring our unique recipe closer to the people of Toledo.”And He made it clear Ignacio Sedano, General Manager of Popeyes Spain and Portugal.


The new facility 340 m2And the ability to 202 diners (128 in the room and 74 in the balcony), and a recreation area for young children. The restaurant also offers a drinks refill area and Wi-Fi awayand self-ordering and home delivery through its own delivery platform which will be available soon.

In this way, Popeyes will be responsible for the delivery of all orders placed through his application and those of different aggregators with the aim of maintaining control over the entire process from preparation to product delivery.

The normal operating hours of the restaurant are from 12:00 until 01:00 from Sunday to Thursday, except for Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays, when it is from 12:00 until 02:00.

“By integrating Popeyes into Parque Comercial Abadía, as well as expanding our restaurant brands, we are introducing Toledo a new and unique flavor to our county that we are sure they will love,” he explained. Raquel Fernandez, Director of Parque Comercial Abadia.

Brands Iberia Restaurant, by Burger King Brands yPopeyes, adds a total investment of over €55 million across Castilla-La Mancha, employing approximately 1,400 workers in its 46 establishments, 39 of the Burger King brand and, with this new opening, 7 of the Popeyes brand.

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