Most Innovative Companies: How Eos is Expanding its 3D Printing Business

Most innovative companies
How Eos is expanding its 3D printing business

3D printing is in demand in medical technology, among other things. Eos provides the necessary equipment

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For Eos, which specializes in 3 editions, the Corona pandemic has proven to be an opportunity: supply chain problems have made the advantages of technology clear. Eos not only manufactures hardware, but also acts as a consultant

Marie Langer’s tenure as chief began with a test: shortly after she took over the management of Eos in Kreiling near Munich, the coronavirus pandemic struck and Langer found herself in the eye of the storm.

However, it soon became clear that the period of turmoil brought not only dangers, but also opportunities. Eos makes and sells additive manufacturing machinery for industry – what is commonly referred to as 3D printing, only on a much larger scale. Individual systems can cost up to 1 million euros. As supply chains collapse during the pandemic, some managers have recognized the benefits of the technology. “The Covid period meant that a lot of people understood this concept in the first place,” says Langer.

Eos printers process metals or polymers into all kinds of products: spectacle frames, car parts or prostheses for the human body. According to a study by EY, the market will grow to $27 billion worldwide, and Eos has made its way to becoming the global market leader, at least in metals.

While its use in mass production has hitherto rarely been useful, it does help in the manufacture of small series or individual parts. However, Eos doesn’t just supply hardware. The standout feature is the service: the Bavarians advise their clients on the question of where 3D printing is worthwhile and how it can be used most rationally in production. In the future, Langer wants to serve “up to 20 percent” of the manufacturing market with Eos technology.

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