‘If you’re awake it can paralyze you’: There’s a new free game in the Xbox Store, but its appearance will cause a lot of controversy – Xbox Series X | s

What seemed impossible a few years ago has now become a reality. Video game fans can access countless free titles that we can add to our library with just one click. To “free play” we must add gifts such as those carried out by the Epic Games Store or other promotions from various companies. One of the popular ones in this sense is the Xbox Store, where we can claim an extension New free title called Cazzarion: Demon Hunting. A little-known project that, having achieved a relatively prominent place in the store, will cause a lot of controversy.

A very controversial game and it’s free on the Xbox Store

Cazzarion: Demon Hunting is a third-person shooter where you relentlessly slaughter monsters with a large arsenal of weapons across a variety of levels. Victory is impossible and it all depends on how long we can survive. Nothing remarkable on a positive or negative level in his hypothesis. However, the video game’s official descriptions both in the Xbox Store and on Steam should sound the alarm sometimes. It is being promoted as a title “suitable for someone who doesn’t want to play The Things That Awakened”. Or that they have no problem controlling the “toxic white man”.

In the Important notifications section on Steam and in the title description in the Microsoft Store, there is the following notice.

“This game ain’t Woke. This game is worse than rock. Oh my god, in this game lesbian trans women are being killed by a toxic white man. If you’re awake, you can get paralyzed from playing this game. If you don’t feel your feet or your butt during or after playing, please see a doctor immediately. Play at your own discretion, if you feel a little groggy while playing, take a five-minute break.”

There is a special detail in the description of the Xbox version in it The game you accuse has awakened the only written medium we have found with enough courage to analyze it. It was TheXboxHub that Rate it one point out of ten. The result of which, by the way, is not mentioned on the video game’s promotional page. Yes, to the terrible sound, bad gameplay, and inadequate graphics for a title that only works so well on the latest generation of consoles.

On Steam, for its part, it barely amass four ratings, all made by players who have spent less than 30 minutes on the title. There’s a bit more to this free-to-play Xbox game than an assortment of “anti-wake” jokes and it almost seems to exist An excuse to brag to the haters that they are “half-pig-female lesbians” (for lack of a better translation). The fact that it passed Microsoft’s filters is surprising and raises many questions.

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