Hamburgesa Lanza is a New York style beef burger

Cinema constantly reminds us of this The hamburger is the star dish for Americans.which makes this hearty dish the main dish at lunch, dinner and even brunch, which is a signature American breakfast.

This is the tradition he drinks from hamburdisa when throwing New York style beef burgerMade with the highest quality ingredients, following a recipe inspired by the flavors of the most famous city in the world.

Los 150 grams of New York style burger They are a unique cooking proposition for meat lovers, given their intense flavor and soft, tender texture. To bring out the unique New York flavor, the Burger Mate is cooked over medium-high heat to achieve that golden brown color that defines a New York burger without sacrificing unparalleled juiciness.

Cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes and lettuce are among them class Which Americans usually add to a burger, which they eat on a bun with mayonnaise and mustard. Crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms or a fried egg are the ingredients that Hambordisa suggests as alternatives to add to this dish. Without losing the essence of the original taste, the Andalusian company offers the possibility of creating different variations of the recipe, with culinary proposals that create Beef Burger even tastier.

The harmony of textures and flavors is the result of the raw materials of Hambordesa, resulting in a product of high quality, thanks to the free breeding of livestock in the best environments of the Iberian Peninsula, as part of a philosophy of respect. Animal welfare of the brand. This commitment to large-scale ranching not only translates into a high quality product, but also makes Hamburgi a sustainable company with the environment. Its policies help regulate water cycles and soil quality, as well as being key to preserving biodiversity, controlling wildfires, and shaping landscapes.

New York Style burger wrap delivers great results in preserving meat, ensuring up to three times more freshness compared to other brand packaging in the sector. Food maintains its nutritional values, texture and flavor in perfect condition thanks to the low oxygen concentration.

This innovative single-vacuum packaging system, in addition to ensuring quality and food safety and increasing the shelf life of Burger Meat, prevents food waste. The brand understands that the planet needs us, and tries to live in balance with the resources of our environment, it adapts its unit packaging size for each portion, so that the user buys, cooks and consumes what is needed, preventing food from spoiling and ending up being thrown away.

The Burger Meat New York Style prides itself on being a true delicacy due to its aroma, juiciness, texture and unique, incomparable flavor of a typical Manhattan hamburger. Synonymous with fine cuisine for the most demanding palates looking for quality beef, it becomes the top choice for those looking to enjoy a New York gastronomic experience without having to travel.

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