Fruit and vegetable exports decreased in volume by 10.4% in 2022 and the value grows less than expected

Spanish exports of fresh fruits and vegetables in 2022 amounted to 12 million tons, 10.4% less than in 2021, confirming the downward projections made by Fepex, while the value increased by 1.6%, less than initially estimated, amounting to 15,930 million . euros, according to data from the Customs and Excise Tax Administration published by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

The annual decline in export volume was most pronounced in fruits, down by 13% to stand at 6.6 million tons and affecting almost all products. In stone fruits, the main products, such as peaches, fell 24% less and 262,211 tons, or nectarines, 20% less and 277,539 tons. As for red fruits, strawberries fell 12% to 278,137 tons, or blueberries 3% lower and 86,879 tons. The total value amounted to 8,843 million euros (-3%).

Vegetable exports decreased in 2022 by 7% compared to 2021 5.3 million tons, with the main vegetables exported from Spain decreasing, such as peppers, with 795,669 tons (-7%), lettuce with 714,503 tons (-12%), tomatoes with 629,269 tons (-5%) or cabbage with 500,520 tons (-7%). . As for the total value of vegetable exports, it grew by 7% to reach 7,086 million euros.

The sharp decline in the export volume of fresh fruits and vegetables, confirmed by the final data for 2022, is largely attributed to adverse weather conditions., according to Fepex, which has caused all sorts of accidents, such as spring frosts that lead to a sharp decline in stone fruits, especially in Aragon and Catalonia, or incessant rains during April and May in areas famous for horticulture, such as Murcia. Added to this, the summer heat waves and the very warm onset of winter affected the production of Andalusian fruits and vegetables.

thus Fepex requires specific measures to encourage investments that will allow us to face this increasingly bad weather that is present. In terms of value, the growth estimated by this organization at 3% decreases, with the final data, to 1.6%, an increase that does not compensate for the cost inflation assumed by the sector, in a year in which imports continued to grow.

Regarding Spain’s imports of fruit and vegetables in 2022 grew by 7% in volume and 15% in value Compared to 2021, with a total of 3.8 million tons and 3,763 million euros. Vegetables were the biggest growers at 1.8 million tons (+14%) valued at €1,172 million (+32%). Fruits totaled 2 million tons (+1%) and 2,591 million euros (+9%).

by independent communities, And Andalusia exported four million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, 9% less than in 2021, at a value of €6,567 million (+9%). It is followed by Valencia Community with 3.5 million tons (-11%) and €4,007 million (-6%) and Murcia with 2.3 million tons (-16%) and €2,923 million (-2%).

Regarding the geographical destination areas of Spanish fruits and vegetables, Europe accounts for 96% of all exportsThe top destination was the European Union with 9.8 million tons (81% of the total) followed by the UK with 1.4 million tons exported (-7%).

Shipments outside Europe increased by 4% compared to 2021 But it only reached 453.488 tons, which indicates the importance of the community market for Spanish exports and therefore the importance of community legislation that, for Fepex, must be in line with the productive reality of the member states and clearly support the community of the productive model and not generate distortions of competition with third countries.

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