Four Keys to Save and Serve Crunchy

There are meals that can please anyone Chickpea flour pie is one of them. Over the centuries it was food Basic, traditional and essential in feeding the cattle of northern Castilla y León. In addition, it is a meal that can be a real delicacy, due to its high nutritional value, exquisite flavor and exquisite aroma, as defined by El Capricho de José Gordón.

Cecina food Hispanic Very similar to pork, but from the processing of beef, specifically, from different cuts inside housing the hind limbs, such as the cap, the stifle or the contra. It is one of the oldest meats on record, having been produced for over two thousand years.

his way Craftsman mode It was actually included in the book Res Rustica (Field Work), written by Lucio Moderato in AD 42, in which he actually explained how jerky was made in a manner similar to the current one. In fact, the method of preserving (or curing) is still salt-and-cold to keep the jerky in the best possible condition, just like it was 2,000 years ago. Usually, jerky is cured for at least seven months.


These are the keys to enjoying this food:

1.- Conservation: to keep it in the best possible condition it should be in a cool area between 10 and 14 degrees and, if possible, in a place where the air is not fixed. It is important to keep in mind that it is best to consume the already cut cecina for the time being, because if it is not consumed, it will oxidize and lose its flavor and texture.

2.- CutIt must be taken into account that bacon is a hard food, so you have to pay attention when cutting it. The first incision should be made with a thick-bladed knife in the area to be treated. Once you have this piece, you remove the bark, skin, and fat area. To cut this piece, you need to move the knife from top to bottom (or from right to left) and try to cut it into slices as thin as possible.

3.- Flavor: meat with a very particular flavor that offers a variety of culinary possibilities such as cecina, goat cheese empanada, or cachopo de cecina.

4.- PresentationWhen serving bacon, the key is in the plate. Experts recommend that the dish be white and at a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. In this way, its red color is highlighted and the characteristics of the meat gain value.

What is the best jerky?

Although there are many types of sisina other than cow or bull, such as goat, pony or roe deer, tradition and quality products come from Dry beef. Pork is made from the legs of pigs, and the legs of cows and bulls, jerky. Although it is a more unknown product, its discovery is a gem, both on a flavor level and on a cultural level, because of all the history on which it is based.

“stability TemperatureVineyard normal moisture and the Breeze from the windows From century-old wineries, they will make a delicate and slow work so that our ciders express aromas and an unknown complexity,” José Gordon affirms.

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