FNS on the outside: food carts, parking lots and… corn

The first night of FNS lives with great expectations on the part of the vendors who are stationed outside the building offering different fast food options as well as party favors with lights on for San Juan residents who come to try a new version of National Festival of the Sun.

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“Come eat outside,” says one of the chefs of a Chimpero food truck making its debut at the Great San Juan Festival.

FNS: Beach corn, at the door of the Costanera estate

Popular prices and endless options. One place even picked more and took a gamble by adding whole corn to its menu, like the traditional “beach corn” on the Argentine coast. The original owners commented at the time, “We wanted to add another option. They could heat it up with butter or some sauce.”

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And those who worked the most, who took advantage of the opportunity, used their money or cleaned the properties near the complex to service the parking lots. Peki is one of the largest, with a capacity of 800 to 900 cars at 500 pesos each. “We are a family business, involving brothers, nephews and in-laws,” says one of the property owners.

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All sellers hope the same, people take a minute, buy and sell all the merchandise they prepared on the first night of FNS 2023.

FNS: Abroad in Costanera’s ownership

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