Fasting as a business of Styrian tourism

a job

Styria has established itself as a destination for fasting holidays in recent years. The supply is constantly expanding because the demand is uninterrupted despite the high prices.

From classic therapeutic fasts to fasts in a monastery or alternatively in a luxury hotel to yoga retreats in the vineyards – a wide range of options for those who want to quickly transition from Ausseerland to the thermal baths and the volcano.

“From diet to lifestyle changes to digital fasts, there is a steady increase in the eleven Adventure Zones. This theme is the order of the day. Accordingly, demand has been growing over the past few years,” says Michael Urlup, President of Styria Tourism.

Individual offers are required

Fasting holidaymakers – mostly from Austria and Germany – usually book the classic week and rate individual offers according to the holiday: “You’re happy to pay something for it. We’ve already noticed that the trend is towards very conscious, high-quality offers.”

The target group is getting younger and younger

This also applies to treatment after Gröbminger’s physician Franz Xaver Mayr: who established it in 1906 as “fasting on bread and milk”, and now it has become more modern. At the spa hotel in Meyer’s hometown, you can also feel the trend towards fasting holidays, says the in charge, Teresa Haberl Billroth: “We’ve fully booked the start of Lent in March. The fast is getting younger and younger – many patients are between the ages of 30 and 40. You treat yourself to it as a preventive health measure.”

Detox shows are especially in demand, said Urlaub: “I think that just having a rest is a great motivator for many holidaymakers in Styria.” In light of the crises in the world, more and more vacationers are turning to layoffs as a source of strength.

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