Dia is considering selling her business in Portugal

The next step in strategy Yes In the market Portugal. According to Expansión, the group has contracted the services of a major European financial services company for its commissioning Sell ​​your business in Portugal. It’s about French Societe General, who will act as a financial advisor. Specifically, these are the 494 establishments operating under the “Minipreço” brand.

Food Retail & Service contacted Dia to confirm this. The upshot is that the chain does not deny that this sale is in the works:Grupo Dia is constantly evaluating various investment and divestment opportunitiesNo decision has been taken in this regard yet. In this sense, it is worth highlighting this last argument, which is that the company has not made a decision yet.

Along these lines, it also states: “The company is focused on its day-to-day business operations to continue advancing its transformation.”

This information is consistent with the strategy that Diya has implemented in recent months. In August last year, it announced the sale of 235 supermarkets to Alcampo. At the end of the year, I announced another operation, the sale of Clarill stores.

The company’s drivers relate to the focus it places on proximity and on perks, stores that, Dia explained, are experiencing a revival thanks to visual renewal and their own branding.

In the case of stores in Portugal, Expansión reports that they are performing worse than the rest.

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