Coffee with olive oil? Starbucks says “yes”

American coffee chain Starbucks Premiere in Italy new line from Coffee with extra virgin olive oil From Partana (Sicily) it is called Oliato.

Starbucks will serve drinks first in its own establishment Reserve Roastery in Milan (Italy) and then introduce them to other markets: In southern California (USA) he will arrive in the springactually Japan, the Middle East and the UK by the end of the yearaccording to a statement.

The line includes three drinks: Latte coffee, which include “evaporated” oil with oat milk; lastCold pressed coffee with oil-infused vanilla “Golden Foam”; and a Iced espresso and “scrambled” with hazelnut syrup, oat milk, oil, and ice. Apart from that, it will be possible to customize other items on the menu with olive oil.

“Oleato represents the next revolution in coffee, uniting the chemistry of nature’s finest ingredients: Arabica coffee beans from Starbucks and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Partana,” says the company’s CEO. Howard Schultz.

The company explains that Schultz, who will retire in April, traveled to Italy 40 years ago and was so impressed with the coffee culture in local bars that he wanted to “bring the artisanal espresso ritual to Starbucks (where he was already working) and to America.”

The idea to include olive oil in coffee comes from Schultz, who on a trip to Sicily last year discovered the “Mediterranean habit of taking a spoonful” of liquid gold every day, and scooping it up in the morning at coffee time. “Try both together“.

The CEO confirms that in hot and cold drinks, Add olive oil to the coffee It produces an “unexpected, velvety, buttery flavor that enhances the coffee and lingers beautifully on the palate.”

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