Cesar Vargas, the new General Manager of Pascual’s business

Pascual César Vargas has been appointed as the company’s new General Manager for Business. With this incorporation, the company seeks to establish itself as a consumer-centric company, with a strategy based on proximity to the consumer and focused long-term planning.

Graduated in Economics and Business Sciences from University of Deusto and holder of various postgraduate degrees in centers such as Harvard, IESE, or London Business School, Vargas It has a long history in the consumer goods sector, Having developed his career in companies such as Unilever, Bacardi or González Byass; His most recent professional expertise is the one developed at Suntory (Schweppes).

In the words of Pascual Businesses’ new General Manager, “I share 100% with the company’s goal of doing better for the future of food. I am convinced of the power of brands and the important role they play in people’s livesIn addition, Vargas continues, “Only by putting people at the center of everything we do will we be able to develop products and services that are relevant to their lives. And only then will we achieve sustainable and profitable growth in the long term. All this by focusing on developing people’s talents. As well as efficiency in all company operations.”

Arrival of Cesar Vargas from multinational Suntory (Schweppes)where he has led the areas of marketing and innovation for Europe for thirteen years, among others, and has extensive experience in general management and international projects.

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