Centro Oberhausen: The megastore moves next door to the shopping center – but customers won’t like it at all

Anyone who lives in the Ruhr area and is planning an all-inclusive shopping trip often chooses the Hotel Centro in Oberhausen. Numerous stores and shops offer a huge selection of different products from all regions. New work will be added soon.

Although this does not go directly to Centro, it does settle right next to it. Soon, visitors to the shopping center in Oberhausen will not only be able to shop for clothes, toys and electronics, but also furniture.

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Centro Oberhausen: The furniture store is moving

In addition to the new amusement park, a large furniture store will now also move to the Brammenring steelworks site in Neune Mitte in Oberhausen. Instead of the Hotel Schladviertel, XXXLutz Rück will soon open its doors next to the Centro. This means that the large furniture store will be in the immediate vicinity of the Hornbach hardware store, the Topgolf recreational golf course and the Poco furniture retailer, also owned by XXXLutz.

Currently the branch is still in the middle of a residential area on Straßburger Strasse. But from today’s perspective, this is no longer up to date, “WA” reports. The new building will provide around 35,000 square meters of retail space while being larger and more modern, and will provide an additional 14,000 square meters of storage space. But there is one thing that customers may not like at all.

Centro Oberhausen: demolition creates new flats

Because the furniture giant’s exact opening plans have yet to be determined. According to WAZ, the furniture company and the city administration have agreed on long transitional periods. The old property in Schladviertel is therefore scheduled to be sold by the summer of 2029.

More news:

In December, the city purchased the property for a sum in the single digit million. The old building will be demolished and partially renovated. After that, exclusive and cheap apartments will be built in multi-family homes, a day care center, a school, as well as apartments for assisted living.

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