Bar Córdoba opens its doors in the La Farga restaurant area

he Lafarga Shopping Centre Continue adding operators to ilhashthe largest restaurant district in Hospitalet de Llobregat Located on the second floor. Cordoba Barlocated in street food area, come to this gastronomic space With a new culinary offering.

This new addition offers a unique shopping mall proposition, bringing together Good product, quantity and cheap prices. Bar Córdoba specializes in traditional Andalusian-inspired cuisine and serves a variety of dishes, such as its famous Sardines, patatas bravas, cazon in adobo, flaminquin, suckling pig, squid, delicious bomba stuffed with spicy meat.

ELAHACHE: L’Hospitalet’s largest restaurant district
is located in La Farga

In total, 17 restaurants are accompanied by a selection Cocktail bar and space Street food market meet at ilhasha unique restaurant space in the city with terraces, shows and live sports broadcasts.

With this new addition and beyond Investing more than 13 million euros in re-designing its facilities At the beginning of 2022, the mall formation It has been able to expand the space offering with strong brands such as Brasayleña, Casa Carmen, Sushisom, Taco Bell, The Real-Sports Bar, Ruar, or Anubis Cocktails.

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