Atomic Heart Test: No ray tracing at launch

We asked the publisher about ray tracing at Atomic Heart. If you want to wait, you have to be patient. Learn more in the update section.

Original article from February 20, 2023: The single-player Atomic Heart calls right at home: almost five years after its announcement in the spring of 2018 and many delays, the game will be released on February 21 – of course also on PC. The game didn’t just once serve Nvidia as a leading ray-racing title, which is why graphics buffs in particular should be excited. But the real star is the style, which has long called Atomic Heart “The Russian Bioshock”. PCGH received a review copy beforehand, and thus explored the USSR variant over the weekend.

Atomic Heart: I played by myself for the first time

Atomic heart: technique and content

Atomic heart

At first, the game takes a lot of time to get acquainted with the world, build up the atmosphere. The player is allowed to explore – and that will also be our advice to all interested parties. Atomic Heart live from the futuristic utopia game world, atmosphere and art style. The graphics, hand-carved with much dedication, offer infinite detail to the eye and stand out from miles of shooter uniformity – much as Bioshock once did.

The story is not only told through scenes, but largely through annotated interactive sequences in which the main character is in the middle. That’s right, our warrior mare is by no means taciturn, but more like Mr. Nukem. This isn’t to say that every disassembled robot is said goodbye with smug slogans like “rest in parts,” but the comments in the dialogues and world events give it a solid character – without radiating the charm of an invincible super soldier. By the way, the German dubbing of the main characters is great and hits the right note in most cases. who are close to the sun The one played in German will have at least one experience. But not only the sounds, the rest of the recording is also great cinema, providing good spatial definition and contributing a lot to the atmosphere.

Atomic Heart PC: Graphics Options (Review Version)

We don’t want to reveal more about the content, only one thing is important: take your time in Atomic Heart. The game lives from its surroundings, atmosphere, and environmental storytelling. What this means is that the sites provide a lot more detail and reveal more parts of the story with the help of read messages and audio recordings. Exploration is also rewarded with consumable items, which can mainly be used to improve weapons (melee and range) and special abilities. Speaking of which: Atomic Heart, with its somewhat excessive violence, does not belong in children’s hands. Meanwhile, mature and established players are happy with the non-existent oversight. The gameplay loop mixes all this content with puzzles of different types which may be too much for professional shooters. If you’re looking for pure hacking, slashing and shooting, you might want to look elsewhere. Get technically interesting below the second pageSo be sure to keep reading.

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