Activision Blizzard workers are furious after Mike Ybarra’s comments

It was tried in some way to lighten the mood, but now the Activision Blizzard workers are furious over the latest statements. during the meeting, Mike Ybarra and other senior executives answered some questions regarding recent events in the company.are all negative.

We’re talking less rewards and going back to face-to-face work, which are hot topics that generate anxiety. These two issues were, to some extent, clarified, but the responses were not well received by the workers. This was the indignation many used to express themselves on Twitter, Not thinking about keeping their identity a secret, and not caring about future repercussions. This is a clear sign of fatigue about the issue.

Activision Blizzard workers are furious with Mike Ybarra in particular

Game Developer collects information from some workers, some of whom are anonymous. First, on the issue of annual bonus reduction, Mike Ybarra defended that decision. He stated that this cut affects everyone equally, and no official gets a higher percentage. This is true however Activision Blizzard’s lower level employee living standard needs the original percentage bonus to maintain their lifestyle with few frills.

This problem is compounded by the knowledge that, in the coming months, employees will have to return to face-to-face work, which further affects their economy. Blizzard has released an official statement and said that those who are hired to work entirely remotely will keep this way of working.. They also indicated that those who want (and should) commute to work in the office will be supported.

Activision Blizzard workers are furious

Anonymous statements indicate that Mike Ybarra has stated that if one is not happy with the decisions that have been made, it is best to do what makes you happy. The use and intent of these words is more than clear, referring to the exodus of workers who went to a company that met their requirements to be happy. Mike Ybarra also alluded to customer service and quality control workers, calling them non-long-term jobs.

Activision Blizzard workers are outraged after seeing CEO Mike Ybarra’s statements endorsing the company’s problems.

This means that the company is looking for those who are paid less to move up in the company, with positions with greater opportunities and rewards. It’s a very nice way to put these two sectors lowest in the company. The quality control workers see how they will not be able to create a permanent career in this company, or at least, that this decision will not be supported by the line managers.. The non-long-term fee is the same as the fee for less cash compensation.

Many believed that Activision Blizzard’s current situation was far from that reflected in the harassment complaints, or that it may have originated from managers above Mike Ybarra. Now, it’s clear to the staff that he doesn’t have a very different way of thinking. In fact, Blizzard stands by Mike on every statement.

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