A restaurant owner, a fan of Shakira, does not recognize Pique and Clara Xia

As in all wars, there are two sides. Conflict, still open, is no exception. Between Shakira and Gerard Pique – Clara Xia.

Since the Colombian singer released Session #53 with Bizarrap, the public (and the world in general) has put themselves on one front or the other. In fact, a few minutes after the release of the song, the artist was able to see how many of her Spanish friends and fans showed their support for the singer, almost immediately. And the matter did not stop there, as during the following days, thousands of fans gathered at his door to show him their defense.

Now this Support has also reached the hospitality sectoron condition Owner of a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona Perhaps he refused to attend Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia, Claiming that he is a fan of Shakira.

This was posted by an account on TikTok, where it shows the moment when the couple was going to try to enter the building and after being refused, they chose to leave, and put them back in, Among the trends on the Internet.

@sab4zo Oh no – Kreepa

The video, which was posted over a period of four days, About four million views. In it, the bride and groom are shown making their way to the car and dodging the cameras with the faces of a few friends.

The post collects all kinds of comments such as “Owners of the establishment are free to do whatever they want on their premises”, “Put up pics of the restaurant for those who go, let’s promote the 5-star place”, “They keep the right in!! They obviously can do it” or ” It’s called the Right of Acceptance and with that act he won millions of customers and a free concert.”

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