A barrage of criticism from Luis Planas for his defense of the distribution

One day after the meeting between the Food Chain Observatory and Minister Luis Planas, feedback didn’t come long.

Opposition Spokespersons and Challengers can appear in their House of Representatives disappointment Because of the “lack of measures” to make food cheaper. In fact, the meeting did not serve converging fronts, but it served to highlight the common will of all parties to transfer this improvement at the macroeconomic level from costs to prices.

PP Spokesperson in Congress, Coca Jamaracriticizes the lack of action and adds that the government is “taking a picture” But don’t take any action and “the same people always pay, Spaniards”. insist reduction in value-added tax Meat, fish and canned food. In this regard, Minister Planas was absent during the meeting the day before the evaluation of the measure, and also confirmed that the measures taken by the government in December were sufficient.

In addition, the minister defended the distribution sector: “Margins have decreased significantly Because we have a modern, efficient and competitive sector” and in this way defend the sector from criticism that Receive from Podemos. Something supported by Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros (Vox): “It’s the supermarket chains that have done their best to keep prices low to the best of their ability,” though they attributed the “inflation problem to the government’s faulty economic and energy policies.”

spokesperson higherAnd Pablo Ashnik, who showed his contradiction with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food because “this is not the time to ask families to be patient or to look for another supermarket” and continued to defend Podemos’ proposal for a 14% discount on the basket of purchase. Something Ines Arimadas (Ciudadanos) has described as “communist magic bullets”.

Also from the plural group are Joan Baldoví (Compromís), Néstor Rego (BNG) and Ferran Bel (PdCat). They lamented the lack of new measures To reduce the cost of the shopping cart. Rigo described the minister’s attitude as “unheard of” because he “pretends that top distributors have social sympathy”.

Miria VihiThe CUP (Mixed Group) deputy added that “it appears that the minister has neither the population nor the buying problems” and advocated controlling prices and disposing of the bank because “either the market is in order”. Or it doesn’t work.”


For its part, consumer organization Facua accused Luis Planas of “aligning itself with the interests of large corporations that inflate their profit margins” and lamented that he “refuses to act in the face of rising prices” of food.

Vacoa spokesperson, Robin SanchezAt a press conference, he defended price intervention as “the only effective measure so that those who earn the most will earn a little less”. For this reason, I have urged the Minister to draw up a list of products in whose prices he interferes.

In fact, she directly accuses him of defending multinational food companies and sticking to their interests. According to Sanchez, all food price increases in the past year Not due to high costbecause they verified that some supermarkets froze the prices of some products while the same products in other chains experienced a staggering rise.

He also questioned that “food prices have reached the limit” as Planas maintained, because large multinationals such as Nestlé, Unilever, Heineken and Coca-Cola have announced, according to Vaqua, that they will apply further increases.

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